WVA_PT_HorizontalPurposeful Teams™ is a powerful and participative team development intervention that moves teams to purpose-led execution. The intervention is applicable to natural task and project teams at every level of the organisation, utilising a team building process that adapts to the organisation’s and the team’s context.

What will be covered?

The Purposeful Teams™ intervention fuses organisational development and traditional training in a workshop format. It delivers team effectiveness and success by supporting the team in anchoring their purpose, refuelling team motivation, identifying milestones as well as integrating task, relationship and process into a conversation-based delivery format to create committed, effective teams and team members.
The Purposeful Teams™ Intervention examines the team’s context, mandate, milestones and members in the realms of Head (knowing), Heart (being) and Hands (doing). It brings participants together repeatedly, to explore and cover all aspects of the team’s purpose from the organisational perspective, the team development perspective and the individual perspective.
Understanding their individual roles within a team enables members from different backgrounds to function coherently as a unit, boosting team effectiveness and improving the overall team performance. This in turn encourages team motivation, as individual members of a team are able to see how their involvement impacts the organisation as a whole.
Do you want to know how this effective team Intervention is used in practice? Read ‘Purposeful Organisations’, a Purposeful Teams™ case study by Shape Consulting.
Who should attend?
Members of organisations wishing to achieve strategic goals through the use of effective teams.
Only highly qualified and experienced organisation development practitioners are appointed as Faculty in WorldsView™ Academy. Faculty members are selected in accordance with the specific module criteria as approved by the Academic Board. View the profiles of our faculty members here.
Facilitator Accreditation
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