The WorldsView Academy approach to Organisational Change and Development

WorldsView™ Academy is an Organisation Development Centre of Excellence focused on the continuous professional development of Organisation Development (OD) and Human Resources (HR) practitioners, the development of cutting edge OD software and innovative consulting services. Together we are forging a global community dedicated to grooming leaders, assimilating cultures, developing facilitators and making a serious contribution to the profitable growth of business.

How can we help you?

Organisational ChangeA set of structured Organisation Development interventions that can be rapidly deployed, at scale, in the organisation to help organisational groups, from boards and EXCO teams, through leadership and other functional groups, to workgroups and small crossfunctional teams, to become more effective in a healthy way.

Leadership and Culture

Organisational ChangeGrow your organisation development and organisation change capabilities through a holistic range of skills programmes. From accrediting facilitators to roll out the different
interventions presented by WorldsView™ Academy to the development of
Organisation Development and HR practitioners.

Training Programmes  
Organisational ChangeWe help organisations develop their capacity to become more effective and to maintain the levels of effectiveness, in an adaptable and healthy way. We enable change agility, safeguard organisational stability in times of change
and ensure that organisations grow at their desired rates.

Consulting Services