1. How do the classes work? Assignments, exams e-Learning etc.
    The classes are contact sessions, broken down into 5 blocks of maximum of 5 days and minimum of 3 days:

    1. E-learning [theoretically focused – 3 to 6 hours depending of a module]
    2. Pre-Class Assignment and Quizzes [bases on e-learning]
    3. Contact Session [minimum 1 day and maximum 3 days]
    4. Post Class Assignment [qualifies student to sit for exam and must obtain minimum of 40% to qualify for exam]
    5. Exam [open book exam and student must obtain 50% in the exam to pass the module]
  2. How many days will I have to be out of the office? Contact days and exams
    • Contact days = 21
    • Exam days = 6
  3. Is it accredited?
    • Yes, at NQF Level 5
  4. Do I need to buy any materials?
    • No, included in the cost
  5. What kind of job can I get after completing this?
    • Organisation Development
    • Change Management
    • OD Practitioner
    • Consulting
    • Business Partner
  6. I am thinking about doing the course how do I approach my organisation for financial aid?
    • Check your staff development policy for guidance
    • Must be part of your Individual Development Plan
    • Inside out development of your organisation
    • Demonstrate anticipated return on investment
  7. Do you offer in-house training and what are the conditions for that?
    • Yes,
    • You must have a group of 10 students [minimum 6]
  8. Is it company specific?
    • Both content and context is company specific
  9. Can we customise?
    • Yes, in terms of content, context and examples to be used in class
  10. We use “this” model what models do you teach (not prescriptive etc)
    • Our focus on “sense making models” rather than “categorisation model”
    • Our approaches and frameworks are not prescriptive, the accommodate utilisation of various tools and models – “fit for purpose” driven or oriented