WorldsView Academy is a specialist Organisation Development (OD) institution enabling organisations to become more effective, in a healthy way.
WorldsView Academy helps organisations translate business issues and needs into strategies that make direct business sense. We use OD principles, practices and philosophies to develop Academic Learning Programmes, Interventions, Software and Consulting Services to address organisational issues and ultimately ensure sustained effectiveness and health. Our offerings are underpinned by rigorously tested methodologies and frameworks, proven to positively impact the bottom line.
Our key differentiator is that we strive to support companies to build internal capability; whether it is leadership skills, management ability, strategic thinking or OD implementation. You know best how to run your organisation, our contribution is to offer processes and frameworks, supported by global best practice cutting-edge theory, which enables you to extract the correct learning, make healthy effectiveness decisions and implement behaviours that will sustain the business objectives as opposed to destabilising the organisation.
WorldsView™ Academy’s purpose is to engage with our clients, leaving them more capable of sustaining an effective organisation in a healthy way for the long term.
worldsview academy
We are available to work in the entire SADC region, contact us for more information