Organisation Development and Change Qualification

Higher Certificate

The Higher Certificate in Organisation Development and Change delivers a robust grounding in the fundamentals of Organisation Development (OD) and Change theory and methodology. Increase your capacity as a champion of Organisation Development and Change through the development of knowledge, cognitive and conceptual tools and practical techniques encompassed in this Higher Certificate.

This Higher Certificate in Organisational Development and Change is obtained by completing the 11 skills modules. Find out more about these skill modules here. These skill programmes can also be completed individually

The Higher Certificate can be studied part-time or full-time.

What will be covered?


Eleven modules encompassing the complete OD practitioner, underpinned by the “OD way of work”:

  • Understand the core concepts and fundamental values, processes and practices of Organisation Development and Change Management.
  • Identify and explore common models applied in the practice of Organisation Development.
  • Understand and apply the values, principles. and processes of change management in the workplace.
  • Understand and contribute to a strategic planning process.
  • Apply communication and project management skills in an organisation development and change context.
  • Apply facilitation skills in a variety of basic organisational processes.
  • Take responsibility for personal development in order to achieve effectiveness in a business environment, practising lifelong learning.
  • Understand and work within a team to meet set goals and objectives.
  • Identify financial risks and implications associated with organisation development and change work.
  • Become effective employees, employers and/or self-employed members of society.
  • Develop the ability to assist within your community and thereby ensure social and economic transformation.

Entry-level practitioners: beef-up your knowledge and increase your capacity as catalysts and champions of Organisation Development and change.

In-company and Customisation

Requests can be made for the skills modules to be delivered in-company at a negotiated date and time that suits both parties.

Worldsview Academy will also customise training and development solutions to best suit your particular organisation needs.


R50 400 (excl. VAT)
Price includes all material, e-learning, class tuition and assessments


Volume discounts apply, please enquire for more information


Only highly qualified and experienced organisation development practitioners are appointed as Faculty in WorldsView™ Academy. Faculty members are selected in accordance with the specific module criteria as approved by the Academic Board. View the profiles of our faculty members here

Class Times

There are 21 class days over a 12 month period

Class Times: Monday - Friday at 08h30 – 16h30