September OD Cafe – Navigating traumatic organisational change

September OD Cafe – Navigating Traumatic Organisational Change Tough economic conditions, combined with phenomenal shifts in the nature of organisational work itself (for instance the emergence of the 4th Industrial Revolution), strainRead More...
By : emma | Aug 15, 2019

The In’s and Out’s of Customer Centricity

Crisp and early on the morning of the 17th July we had yet again a full house, the subject, Customer Centricity. The morning scene was that of people from different organisations andRead More...
By : emma | Jul 31, 2019

August OD Cafe – Servant Leadership

August OD Cafe – Servant Leadership Servant Leadership is all about putting the wants and needs of followers first and those of leaders second, which is in stark contrast with the leader-first perspectiveRead More...
By : emma | Jul 19, 2019

July OD Cafe – Customer-Centricity

July OD Cafe – Customer-Centricity Customer-centricity is a term that is thrown around quite a lot these days. We hear our colleagues saying “We need to organise ourselves around our customer”, orRead More...
By : emma | Jun 18, 2019

Leadership Conversations Survey

Create your own user feedback survey
By : emma | May 23, 2019

June OD Cafe – Organisation of the Future for the Future

June OD Cafe – Organisation of the Future for the Future  Organisational design (or architecture) pertains to the ‘delivery logic’ set up by an organisation to establish, unlock, and deliver ongoing valueRead More...
By : emma | May 15, 2019

May OD Cafe – The Link between Culture and Leadership (Fully Booked)

May OD Cafe – The Link Between Culture and Leadership (Fully Booked) There are hundreds (if not thousands) of definitions of both Leadership and Culture but let’s use these for now: Leadership isRead More...
By : emma | Apr 12, 2019

April OD Cafe – Facing big, strategic organisational change – how to make it work

April OD Cafe – Facing big, strategic organisational change – how to make it work  It is unfortunately still true that large-scale strategic organisational change initiatives fail to deliver on their promise.Read More...
By : emma | Mar 15, 2019
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