Farewell Donna, Welcome Flourish!

None of us yet know what will be written in the next chapter in Donna's life. I do know that I hope she remains close enough to influence us, yet far enough away to smell new scents, think new thoughts, experience new wonders and (most of all) to breathe slowly and steadily for a while.
By : Worldsview Academy | Aug 15, 2012

Mid-year Reflections

My agenda for the year was to merge WorldsView Consulting with the Academy for Organisational Change, as I believe that customers need a blend of classroom and field support that must be both taught and applied for full learning to take place. The merger was concluded within the first few months, creating WorldsView Academy. We immediately started the work of marrying the WorldsView Consulting process of programme development with the higher education aspirations of the Academy for Organisational Change.
By : Worldsview Academy | Jul 22, 2012

Introducing Craig Yeatman

Craig Yeatman is an Organisation Development practitioner, leading the way in the field of OD and Change in South Africa. His Establishment & Adaptation framework has received international attention and been well received by the OD community.
By : Worldsview Academy | Jun 26, 2012
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