Puffing up for South Africa, Greater Africa and the World

In 1994, when the company that is now WorldsView Academy for Organisational Change started, we hoped it would one day grow up into a useful and important organisation.
By : Worldsview Academy | Jun 21, 2013

The E&A Landscape of Organisation Development

The E&A landscape, for those who don’t know it, is a powerful framework (developed by Craig Yeatman of Worldsview Academy) to, amongst many other things, orient Organisation Development practitioners and other people in organisations experiencing change.
By : Worldsview Academy | Apr 9, 2013

Glass Rungs on a Wooden Ladder: An Anthropological Perspective on the Establishment & Adaptation Landscape of OD©

The E & A Landscape logically and coherently leads the organisation (and OD practitioners) down the path from concern (issue) towards clarity (resolution), but try convincing EXCO and senior management that something like OD (or as I am happy to call it: “corporate culture consulting”) can be beneficial for more than just group bonding, cutting flowers and singing songs around a bonfire.
By : Worldsview Academy | Mar 19, 2013

Why should you register for the Higher Certificate in OD and Change?

As you get clearer on what organisation development can do for the organisation, you can help to grow this powerful alternative to the traditional ways of managing organisational life. Those traditional ways clearly just don't work. Selling "buy in", controlling change and thinking that organisations are linear "machines" does not deliver the effective organisation that is needed today.
By : Worldsview Academy | Feb 28, 2013

Developing e-learning and issue centric-Organisation Development

Developing E-learning and issue centric-Organisation Development - During the last few weeks I have been struggling with creating the e-learning content for my classes in the 2013 Higher Certificate in Organisation Development. I had a breakthrough when Lucille Greef shared some advice that a friend gave her.
By : Worldsview Academy | Feb 14, 2013

A case for Issue-Centricity in Organisation Development, by Craig Yeatman

Organisation Development can be said to be evolving through three schools - the traditional school, the pragmatist school and the scholarly school.
By : Worldsview Academy | Dec 12, 2012

Where Are We Now?

I was at www.flourishconference.org – and if you weren’t there, you missed the beginning of a powerful conference series about OD, for OD practitioners, with a South African flavour. Bill Zybach did a brilliant job of conference design and hosting, Keith McCandless (www.liberatingstructures.org) was generous with his time in preparing the presenters, the South African OD Network (SAODN) were visionary in their commitment ot the concept – and the 50 people who showed up at this “unknown” conference were inspirational.
By : Worldsview Academy | Sep 20, 2012

Celebrations and New Beginnings

There's much to celebrate at the Academy this week...
By : Worldsview Academy | Aug 31, 2012
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