April OD Cafe – Leadership Health as the driver of Corporate Health

April OD Cafe –  Leadership Health as the driver of Corporate Health Much research supports the statement that ‘leadership health drives corporate health’ and also that there is an obvious correlation between healthyRead More...
By : Worldsview Academy | Mar 15, 2018

March OD Cafe – Women in the Workplace

March OD Cafe –  Women in the Workplace: Issues and Opportunities  Studies consistently show that organisations with better female representation at the most senior levels outperform similar but less well-represented organisations in theRead More...
By : Worldsview Academy | Feb 21, 2018

February OD Cafe – Future Fit Leadership

February OD Cafe –  Future Fit Leadership Get your leadership future-fit – now! We live in a VUCA world with ever-increasing Volatility, Uncertainty (or Unpredictability), Complexity and Ambiguity. This leads to numerous (oftenRead More...
By : Worldsview Academy | Jan 24, 2018

November OD Cafe – The Future World of Work – Fully Booked

November OD Cafe –  The Future World of Work What does the consumer of the future want? How do we gear our organisations to be relevant in this ever-changing world? Join us as weRead More...
By : Worldsview Academy | Oct 25, 2017

October OD Cafe – Organisation Identity and Reputation

October OD Cafe –  Organisation Identity and Reputation Our next OD café on the 25th of October will explore the relationship between the experienced internal brand of an enterprise (sometimes also calledRead More...
By : Worldsview Academy | Sep 20, 2017

September OD Cafe – Moving from theory to practice for New Managers

September OD Cafe – The magic of moving from theory to practice for New Managers Worldsview Academy will be presenting at the IODA conference on The magic of moving from theory to practice forRead More...
By : Worldsview Academy | Aug 29, 2017

August OD Cafe – Talent & Innovation

August OD Cafe – Talent & Innovation We all know that managing talent well creates business value – right? If you google ‘what keeps the CEO up at night’ Talent comes upRead More...
By : Worldsview Academy | Jul 28, 2017
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