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What is Organisation Development? We asked a few experts… #WhatIsOD?

As Craig Yeatman says, ‘If you think there is consensus on what ‘OD’ is, you haven’t been around long enough’.
And we think this is the beauty of OD, everyone can make it their own. So, we hit the streets to find out what people think OD is.
“We had such fun making this video. I especially love the young man who wraps up the video – asking – “This is OD – Did you see it?” Bringing these kids along, mixing their opinions with the “man in the street” and a few OD practitioners and evangelists…”
So what is OD to you? We want to know your thoughts, comment here with your funny, ironic, beautifully simple or deeply philosophic description of OD and we’ll enter your original view into the ‘OD Hall of Fame’!

Ensure Your OD Initiatives Are Effective, in a Healthy Way

The most current data reveals that 70% of change efforts are over time, over budget and not to quality specifications. Buy why? Perhaps we can help.
The Starfish Change Navigator™ provides you with an overarching, repeatable, scalable process to ensure that your OD initiatives are effective, in a healthy way.
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Aiden Choles on ‘Overcoming Perplexity – Frames of Mind Required for Engaging with Complexity

On the 21st of August 2013, the monthly OD Cafe Series was held where Aiden Choles of The Narrative Lab presented his article on ‘Overcoming Perplexity – Frames of Mind Required for Engaging with Complexity’.

Higher Certificate in OD and Change

Mr Sipho Malefane, the Director of Institutional Support Services at Gauteng Provincial Legislator, who recently completed the WorldsView™ Academy Higher Certificate in Organisation Development and Change, talks about his journey through the programme and testifies to it’s expedient impact on his skills and knowledge as an OD practitioner.

Purposeful Teams Testimonial – Matt Wainwright (Deloitte)

Matt Wainwright talks about his experience with WorldsView Academy and how Deloitte has been transformed by Purposeful Teams™.
Purposeful Teams™ Intervention:… 

The Times, They Are A-Changing

The times are indeed changing; and business is no different. There is constant growth and change within our organisations as we strive to be as effective and healthy as we can. But, how do we manage this change and ensure that we pick the right change initiatives that actually stick?
Empower your team to act with confidence on their journey to achieve the desired outcomes with a free trial licence of The Starfish Change Navigator™ to drive effective strategy execution in your organisation.
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Craig Yeatman on Nine Conversations in Leadership

For organisations seeking sustainable, results-orientated leadership development, Nine Conversations in Leadership™ is an innovative intervention that acts as a catalyst for long-term leadership development throughout the organisation. Unlike other leadership programmes, the Nine Conversations in Leadership™ intervention works at the levels of knowledge, values and behaviours to achieve holistic leadership growth.