March OD Cafe –  Artificial Intelligence & Culture

Artificial intelligence is becoming more tangible in our everyday lives at an ever-increasing rate.

We have integrated it happily into our lives in the form of AI assistants on our mobile phones, laptops, AI in our gaming consoles and even in how we are exposed to the world of news or entertainment.

However, when we think of AI entering our organisations, some tend to feel a little nervous and others, overjoyed. It all depends on which side of the fence you are sitting.

Let’s unpack this together and have a conversation around the existing and potential effects of AI in the workplace. If we are able to make sense of the impact it may have on our organisational culture, we are far more likely to intentionally and meaningfully shape it in a positive way.

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Cafe Details

Date: Wednesday 13 March 2019

Time: 8H00 am – 10H00 am

Venue: WorldsView™ Academy
WorldsView House
150 Kelvin Drive
Woodmead, Sandton

Cost: No charge, but we do need confirmation of numbers for catering purposes, so book your seat now!

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