October OD Cafe – Leading from the Middle

Please note our Cape Town cafe has been moved to 13 November, to RSVP click here

Johannesburg – 16 October 2019 

Where are the leaders in your organisation? Chances are, they are caught up somewhere, to varying degrees overwhelmed, often frantically trying to get some sort of control over their day, their year, their world. No matter their place in the hierarchy, they are beset on all sides by demanding and often conflicting stakeholders. They are in the midst of all manner of crisis. The world is coming at them relentlessly, and every day they feel the pressure mounting. Small wonder they are often on the verge of burnout, disengaging rather than engaging, excusing themselves from the intimacy of relationships, and losing their connection to the meaning of their work.

Wherever we are, we are in the middle. This is where we need to be because we cannot be elsewhere, and if this is not where we are, we cannot lead. Yes, the leader goes out in front. Yes, the leader stops and goes against. But we cannot go anywhere but from where we are, here, the middle of our world, and if this space becomes so tight that we cannot turn this way or that, take a step forwards or back, if we excuse ourselves from this here, now, we become stuck, we cannot lead.

The leader is always in the middle, connecting and translating, between shareholders and customers, between society and community, between top and bottom, centre and periphery. From the middle, the leader connects strategy and execution, the customer brand and the employer brand. Only from the middle does the leader serve, transform, guide, enable, empower, choose, follow, and care for their world. Only by fully inhabiting the middle does the leader become present, genuine, wise, resilient, agile…

The challenge to the leader is to open up this space in the middle, to create breathing space, space to think, space to relate to others openly and freely, space to see, to feel, to act, to be.

This is what we are exploring. We think, if we want to be agile organisations, able to thrive in volatility and uncertainty, able to make sense of complexity and find our way in ambiguity, come to terms with and safely navigate traumatic change, then we need to lead from the middle – whoever we are and whatever our designation.

Join us for a conversation to explore what it means to lead from the middle, what it takes to lead from the middle, and how we can create the right leadership in the middle of our organisations.

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Johannesburg Cafe Details

Date: Wednesday 16 October 2019

Time: 8H00 am – 10H00 am

Venue: WorldsView™ Academy
WorldsView House
150 Kelvin Drive
Woodmead, Sandton

Cost: No charge, but we do need confirmation of numbers for catering purposes, so book your seat now!

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