There's no shortage of predictions about the way organizational life will change after COVID-19. If you could wave a magic wand, you might personally wish for the knowledge, skills, and abilities to transform your organization entirely. It turns out that there is an entire field dedicated to making this happen. Organization Development (OD), which is a decades-old discipline about to storm the scene, is described as a systematic approach to organization-wide change, which aims to increase the effectiveness and health of organizations through planned interventions - including Organizational Agility Measures - using behavioural-science knowledge.” - Prof Bill Brendel, Penn State University, April 23, 2020

Being able to effectively mitigate the impacts of change is crucial to our business in these uncertain times. We are currently experiencing a transition in individuals, positioning of our businesses, business models changing, and also shifts in organisational culture. The impact of what is happening is huge but by navigating and managing these changes effectively we can reap the positive effects this could bring.

In this course we provide you with foundational OD concepts before we introduce tools and techniques of effective and healthy change management, for different levels of complexity in our 5 x 6-hour facilitated virtual sessions where we explore:

  • The core concepts of Organisation Development providing the foundation for;
  • Managing the process and impact of change for yourself, others and organisation;
  • Change Resistance Models and when best to use them;
  • Change Management Models for multiple contexts;

Responding to complex change.

Our courses comprise of pre-reading, course
material with downloadable resources, and live interactive facilitated sessions with our change management facilitator.

Bring you organisations’ change issues into the course where you will get guidance and a more comprehensive and deeper learning experience.

Cost: R10 000 (excl. VAT) per delegate

In-house options: Contact us for a quote

Faculty member: Dumisani Ntombela, WorldsView Academy Senior Faculty Member

Format: 5 x 6-hour on-line facilitated sessions

with e-learning component

More info:

or call on 066 480 8498