Talk Topic:

Technology everywhere! How do we reclaim human enterprise in today’s organisations?

Technology is a dominant and pervasive feature of contemporary organisations. Often, you’d think our big transformations are really in service of technology, rather than transformations to help us create better organisations where technology is deployed to service us in our endeavours. Everything in the organisation shows up in instrumental terms: people become cogs, assets, elements; is this what we what we want?

In this talk with Dominik Heil, author of The ontological fundamentals of ethical management, experienced management consultant, and faculty member at WITS Business School, we explore how we can shift our thinking about organisations, and with that also our organisational practices, including management practices and organisation development practices, to create enterprises where we can be fully at home again as human beings.  In this way, we awaken readiness for a new possibility, where we can truly respond to the complexity of our world in creative, innovative and caring ways.

About the speaker:


Dominik is a programme director and senior tutor at Cranfield School of Management and a visiting senior lecturer in strategy and leadership and PhD supervisor at the Wits Business School in Johannesburg. He is a partner at Hewers Communications, a reputation management and crisis communications firm. He is the founder of Reputation Institute South Africa.

He has worked in Europe, the US, Asia and Africa. He has extensive consulting experience in the areas of strategy, reputation and culture management and leadership development. He has worked with many of South Africa’s largest corporations and a number of multinationals.

Dominik’s research interests lie in organisational culture and development, analysing reputation risk and the creation of resilient organisations. He is a well published academic in a number of academic journals in the US, Europe and South Africa. He is pioneering an approach to identify and assess reputation risks and a mixed methodology to articulate organisational culture as a driver of productivity and creativity in organisations and a quantitative method to detect and evaluate corporate and country reputation risks.

Dominik’s areas of expertise include:

  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Culture Change
  • Reputation Risk Analysis and Management
  • Scenario Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Philosophy of Management

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