Talk Topic:

Living life with death on your shoulders with Julia Kukard

Introduction: Death refers to the end of things, not just our human bodies but ways of life, ways of making sense of the world, businesses, management theories, roles, sectors, freedoms we have become accustomed to and youth (to name a few of the big ones). Most of us have interesting relationships with endings and death, often derived from our own experiences with life.

We all experience death anxiety to some extent, and this influences how we work with managing endings and deaths in our own lives, the lives of people we love and the organisations in which we work. Covid has brought a number of endings and death to organisations in many ways.

This will be an experiential and partially theoretical session inviting you to understand your own relationship to death so that you may live life more fully and be useful in this time of great endings.


A broad existential understanding of death and endings and how it affects our lives

A start at understanding how we as individuals deal with death and where we can grow to deal with it better

Improved awareness and capacity to support people and organisations in coping with death and endings

A reminder to love life more fully

Some tips for being of service to individuals and organisations during this time of many endings

Speaker Bio:

Julia is a leadership, management and inclusion professional with 29 years of facilitation and consulting experience. Her area of expertise is leadership maturity/vertical development, in particular how to support the development and maturation of leaders. Julia is a co-developer with Aephorians Lucille Greeff and Simon Kettleborough of the AIM personality assessment and the InclusionIndex.

More recently Julia has been training as an Existential Psychotherapist and is completing her doctorate on the application of Steve Biko’s work to leadership. Her learning around existential philosophy has led her to explore what are known as the existential givens of life including death.

In 2011 Julia published a book with Professor Kurt April (University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business) and Dean Kai Peters from Ashridge Business School (UK) on leadership maturity.

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