“Every consultant knows that his clients are his teachers and that he lives off their knowledge. The consultant does not know more. But he has seen more” – Peter Drucker

What is the purpose of Organisation Development Consulting?
Our business analyst and strategists work with organisations to develop, advance and strengthen strategy, structure, process, people and culture to improve organisational effectiveness, in a healthy way.
The purpose of OD Consulting is to help organisations become effective, in a healthy way, and to evangelise OD:

  • Help the CEO make the organisation coherent, in a way that is true, good and beautiful (effective in a healthy way).
  • Evangelising OD by practising issue-centric consulting for effective, healthy organisations.
  • Specialist OD Consultants can collaborate with CEOs to enable effective and healthy Business Development.

We choose to be highly proficient at business coaching by building our consultants’ OD competencies matched with a Consultingcommitment to the WorldsView™ Academy Credo.
OD Consultants do not solve the client organisation’s problems, their role is to work collaboratively with the organisation’s leaders and members to help identify, clarify, prioritise and deal with complex organisational issues.

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What we believe:
We value organisations. We value effectiveness, We value health.
It is important to us to help organisations to develop their full capacity, becoming more effective and maintaining levels of effectiveness, in an adaptable and healthy way.
We believe that human beings and human systems are interdependent and that our effectiveness as Organisation Development practitioners relies on a shared commitment to certain moral-ethical guidelines.
We work with the people in organisations to uncover the underlying business issues that hamper organisational effectiveness. We do this by developing solutions that directly address the unearthed challenges. We believe that it s imperative that we empower internal practitioners to manage these challenges on day-to-day basis.
In all our engagements, we aim to equip organisations with the necessary skills and know-how to implement the solutions and to sustain the desired levels of organisational effectiveness.
What we can help with:

  1. Organisation Development and Change Frameworks
  2. Change Management and Change Capability Building
  3. Business Strategy Work
  4. Organisation Design
  5. Talent Management
  6. Organisational Culture Work

How we work:

Consulting Services

We work with you to really understand your business; and together we work towards activating meaningful change that sticks.

 The Business Issue
We begin by helping you find the underlying business issue
 The Context
We guide you through analysing and contextualising the business issue
 The People
We help to ensure that the right people are involved and engaged.
 The Resolution
We work with you to move the issue through the Organisation Development landscape to resolution and integration
 The Transfer
We work alongside your team to be certain that as much of our transferable skills and knowledge stay in your organisation
Let’s connect!
We’d love to connect. If you’d like to schedule a meeting or consultation, email us at info@worldsviewacademy.com and let’s work together to make your organisation more effective, in a healthy way.