The Goldilocks Initiative

Not too hot, not too cold … just right for innovation!

Why Goldilocks?

In the quest to find life on other planets, astronomers search for what is known as the Goldilocks Zone: a planetary climate that is not too hot, not too cold, but perfect for supporting life.

The Goldilocks initiative is a workshop designed to get innovation teams up to speed more quickly, give them the tools to execute smarter, and create a perfectly balanced climate for successful innovation.

The Goldilocks Initiative workshop is not a day off from the team’s normal work. We know business leaders need to work on, rather than just in, their businesses. The same is true for teams: In this workshop, the innovation team gets to work on itself as a team, establishing its innovation boundaries, clarifying its purpose, and defining the best way(s) to achieve success.


Launch and Sustain Effective Innovation Teams

1 Day Team Development Workshop & ½ Day Follow-up Workshop

The team asks and answers these questions:

Who are we, and what is our work?
What is our team purpose? How do we contribute to organisational success? What lies inside and outside of our mandate? What is our team ambition? What are our priorities or key focus areas?

How do we best work and innovate together?
How do we show up as productive & innovative team members? How do we interact? How do we handle disagreement, conflict, etc.? How do we lead and follow each other?

What do we need to do, now?
What is our immediate plan of action? When do we check in?

How do we get better?
How do we learn from successes and mistakes? How do we continue evolving a high-performance innovation team culture?


  • Establish the team’s Goldilocks Zone: membership, purpose, boundaries, ambition, direction, priorities – perfect for innovation.
  • Establish effective and healthy ways of work (innovation culture/climate/environment)
  • Establish effective and healthy patterns for team innovation – leadership, tasks, meetings, metrics, recognition.
  • Establish a sustainable learning culture.

Establish innovation boundaries, clarify purpose, and define the best way to achieve success.

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