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The Workshop

The Heart of Leadership workshop offers an opportunity to reignite your leadership enthusiasm and to lift your leadership motivation, while growing your energy, power and influence in your world. You will reconnect with your Inner Leader, and explore again fundamental questions of leadership power: Why do you want to be a leader? What kind of a leader are you, and do you wish to be? How do you keep growing as a leader? Why does it matter?

What will be covered?

In today’s fast-paced VUCA world, it is easy for leaders to lose connection with their passion for making a difference, and to forget why they wanted to become leaders in the first place. Leadership is about making a meaningful impact on our organisations and communities, and to remain effective and influential we need to maintain high levels of energy and focus.

At the heart of leadership is self-leadership: it is about making a positive choice to show up as a leader, harnessing your energy and building resilience to increase your power and influence in a healthy way. As leaders, we need to deal with the challenges of a turbulent world: honing our sense of purpose and meaning, avoiding the busyness trap, and managing ourselves in such a way that we don’t suffer exhaustion and burnout.

All participants should discover something about themselves that they did not know, gain key insights into how they can have a greater leadership impact and understand, at a ‘heart’ level, some of the critical issues that are associated with influencing a community of people to move towards a higher objective.

The day unfolds in conversation, collaboration, laughter and insights through activities, robust theory underpinning the principles, peer coaching and self-discovery. This is guided by an accredited facilitator who will ensure the energy, framework, timekeeping and topics all weave together to form a day that guides people to become better leaders.

They will be ready to move into the world as catalytic change agents to ignite a ‘fire into the belly’ of the people they choose to lead.

Who should attend?

Heart of Leadership© is a catalytic one-day workshop that ignites a ‘fire in the belly’ of individuals who wish to stand up and make a difference in their world.


Only highly qualified and experienced organisation development practitioners are appointed as Faculty in WorldsView™ Academy. Faculty members are selected in accordance with the specific module criteria as approved by the Academic Board. View the profiles of our faculty members here

Price and Discounts

Price for Public class: R950 per person (includes lunch)
Volume discounts apply, please enquire for more information

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