Contagious Leadership … Make sure your whole organisation gets it

How important is “leadership” to the success of your business?
10 out of 10 leaders we asked this question, said that it is the single most critical capability in their organisations today.
Leaders ensure that people pull together in the same direction.
Leaders, at many levels, allow organisations to make decisions more quickly and more effectively.
Leaders are the difference between an innovative culture and a culture stuck in red tape.
Leaders are the factor most closely correlated to the levels of engagement of your people.
And so the list goes on.
Leadership development is a high-risk investment, and unfortunately often fails to deliver the required results. Leaders and managers return from their educational adventures, and … nothing much happens. This failure costs a lot:

  • The days spent outside of the office on development, when they could have been fighting fires, making plans, driving execution.
  • The loss of faith in development interventions – “Why should I go if it does not help me to perform better?”
  • The loss of opportunity, because their is no improvement in performance to exploit opportunity.
  • The (relatively small, compared to the above) cost of the development intervention itself.

Our approach to avoids these pitfalls by –

  • shaping the development initiative around the specific leadership and business performance issues the organisation aims to address;
  • anchoring leaders’ learning and development in the actual work of the organisation, from the development of strategy to leading and managing the actual operational practices to execute strategy;
  • enabling the development of a shared leadership culture: a shared vision, a shared language, and shared leader values and behaviours.

Our leadership and management development toolkit consists of designed conversation processes, on-line learning, practical action-learning assignments to resolve real work challenges, practical tools for leading and managing on a day-to-day basis, a curated database of articles and other sources of knowledge, and much more, related to 14 themes addressing the three major areas of a leader’s work:
1. Leading the organisation – vision and strategy, community and culture
2. Leading stakeholders – executing through teams, individuals and others
3. Leading self – focus, energy, resilience, and personal mastery
Based on your specific requirements and what you aim to achieve with the development initiative, we put together a package that will suit your specific operational constraints – it is not necessary to take your people out of the office for long strectches on end, neither is it necessary to break the bank!
We do offer three standardised leadership programmes, however, as well as the leadership training, accreditation and support of internal facilitators and leadership coaches in the WVA leadership and management development methodology:
Our classic, flagship programme, used on three continents and by companies such as Sappi, Arcelor Mittal, Tsogo Sun and the Western Cape Governement, to name a few. This programme consists of nine themes, and aims to build a coherent group of leaders through conversation and practice.

  • Grow leadership capability across organisational levels.
  • Create space for leadership to come to a shared understanding of key strategic changes.
  • Enhance alignment and cohesion in leadership teams.
  • Do all of this, while working on the real work of your organisation.

This programme is suitable for single teams or large groups of leaders, especially at the middle, senior and executive management levels.

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This programme covers 12 themes, and is aimed at the new manager, enabling a better transition to the management role. It includes competency assessments, learning assignments, and above all, learning conversations with peers where a shared perspective of the management role and responsibility in the organisation is developed.

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Heart-of-Leadership-Intervention-Brochure-1-sideHEART OF LEADERSHIP© INTERVENTION

  • Ignite energy and engagement for personal leadership challenges.
  • Accelerate your personal development journey through reflection.
  • Reconnect with your core work, community and passion as a leader.

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