Our Team Development Solutions

Enabling purposeful, collaborative teams for consistent, reliable and sustainable performance
In today’s complex business environments, organisations depend on teams to achieve strategic objectives. Yet, research shows that:

What does team failure cost your business? If you make even a small improvement in the success rate of teams in your organisation, what would that add to overall business performance?
Your organisational success depends to a large extent on your ability to quickly and reliably develop teams.

We offer the following solutions to address your team development needs:

Aimed at mission-critical cross-functional teams, our flagship team development intervention accelerates the creation of new teams, as well as turning around existing teams that are struggling to come together to work towards achieving team goals.

  • Enable teams to perform with purpose and achieve their goals.
  • Empower teams to address team issues.

The Purposeful Teams intervention is suitable for single teams, but can easily and rapidly be deployed to develop any number of teams for the large-scale execution of strategy.
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Purposeful Teams™ Facilitator Accreditation is available for organisations that wish to build in-house delivery capability.
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Aimed at teams at all levels in the organisation, this powerful 4-hour workshop uses the Enneagram to profile both the individual members of the team and the team as a collective to explore how the team deal with work and relationship challenges.

  • Identify individual and team strengths and development areas.
  • Explore team and individual habits that inhibit and support great performance.
  • Discover ways of working together better, and dealing effectively with team challenges.

The Teams That Talk© intervention is suitable for single teams, but can easily and rapidly be deployed to develop any number of teams for the large-scale execution of strategy.
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Enabling teams to consistently achieve success
What can you do to make sure that you improve team success and effectiveness?
For an organisation to reliably create high-performance teams, it needs to build team development capability, supported by methods, systems, behaviours and operating practices that support team performance.
The WorldsView Academy Collaborative Team System© is a way to reliably develop and support teams in your organisation.
A team needs three things to perform at a high level:

  1. Great team leadership
  2. The support of a team coach
  3. An organisational context that supports teamwork and team performance.

We address this challenge by providing integrated Team Leader Tools, Team Leader Development and Team Coach Enablement to facilitate teams across the organisation, at all levels, through stages of development and in dealing with specific challenges.
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