Boosting Corporate Performance during Change Initiatives by putting it into Practice and Improving Capability

Non-credit bearing
In this 5-day short course, we equip you to be able to address both the technical side of change (project management) and the people side of change (change management). Leading your people through change by being strategically business savvy in an innovative way and engage business at business’s level. The programme takes a holistic view of the key areas that need to be addressed for a successful change initiative – and shows you how to put all of this into practice.
How do we break out of the cycle of using the same patterns, unimaginative engagement and communication strategies which produce the same, unwelcome results every time? HR Strategic Partners can provide relevant and flexible solutions in response to the unique challenges facing your organisation. Participants will encounter the different types of change, the drivers of change and measures to deal with resistance to change.
In this five-day Short Course, participants will be primed to apply the process of change management in their respective business environments. Participants will develop a comprehensive understanding of core change management principles, models and practices and their applicability in an organisation. This training programme also deals with the process of fostering and maintaining engagement and energy from clients and teams. In doing so, the delegates will develop the capacity to manage multiple OD and/or change projects as an integrated journey and add strategic value by bridging the gap between HR and other departments. Importantly, through this module, you will develop an understanding of how to manage and influence the bottom line, enabling you to build strategic partnerships, based on shared purpose. You will learn how to evaluate the core business model of your organisation, enabling you to help key role players understand the implications for their circles of influence.
Individual Skills Programme (Module):
Note: You can also enrol for the individual Skills Programme that make up the Short Course:

  • Introduction to Change Management
  • Process of Change Management (Introduction to Change Management is a pre-requisite for this module)
  • Fundamentals of Project Management

What will be covered?

  • Adopt an “Issue-Centric Approach” in managing change.
  • Understand the “Drivers of Change”.
  • Identify and Manage Change Resistance
  • Manage change in the big picture of Organisation Development.
  • Select an appropriate Change Model for appropriate Levels of Complexity.
  • Apply a new-generation Change Toolkit.
  • Develop, manage and execute a Change Management Plan
  • Understand how an organisation creates value (profit, cost and quality issues).
  • Understand how Organisation Development initiatives impact the bottom line.
Who should attend?

  • HR Managers and HR Business Partners
  • Internal and External Consultants
  • OD Managers and Practitioners
  • Learning and Development Managers and Specialist
  • Line Managers
  • Executives
R20 000 (excl. VAT)
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