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Methods and Manners of Motivating Employees

We have examined the older, more traditional theories and approaches to motivation, and the newer, more modern approaches to motivating employees in the workplace. In the last of this series on employee motivation we will explore ways to actively motivate employees that have been proven to work – because, well, they get employees to work.


Deciphering the Patterns of Organisation Design (Part 2)

Our March OD Café was really quite enlightening and entertaining. After a few rounds of speed-networking we settled in anticipation of the presentations from our three fascinating guest speakers…


Acculturation Through the Establishment and Adaptation Landscape

Dumisani Ntombela facilitated our final customer cafe for the year, which was also our final cafe on the theme of ‘Demystifying Culture’. The session offered an interesting and quite in-depth look at integrating two effective diagnosis and development tools, to enhance the understanding of organisational culture and how intervening in culture can occur within organisations.


OD Café on Culture

The WorldsView OD café is an event that forms one of the many ways the extended community stays informed and connected with each other. At the August café we looked at WorldsView’s position on culture where we proposed that the organisation becomes integrated to fulfil its purpose, that is, becomes effective in a healthy way, through acculturation. The organisation is seen as a Work that sets up a World, and acculturation is the way in which this happens. We prefer to focus on ‘acculturation’ as it the continuous, cyclical creation and modification of culture, rather than on culture as a snapshot in time.