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Organisational Identity: From “why are we” to “who are we”.

My Departure to Organisational Identity. Why are we? Those of you who have been involved with the evolution of my thinking and practice around Organisational Theory and Organisation Development know that IRead More…


Intervening to Develop Organisational Culture: A Position

Our clients often ask us to help them do something about their culture. Perhaps they think they don’t have the right culture for what they want to achieve in the world, or they believe that it is their most important asset, the one thing above all others that makes them successful. They ask us if we can help them change or preserve their culture. We are curious about what they mean when they say “culture” within an organisation context – what’s at issue here? We want to understand the deeper reasons – and resolutions – for their urgency or distress. What exactly about their organisational culture they want to change or preserve.