27th and 28th August 2020.
Virtual Leadership Workshop.
Designing Generative Organisations

The bottom line is that we are unable to function optimally in states of mental or emotional distress. This has implications across the organisational landscape, from absenteeism to performance to innovation. The strategic value, therefore, of designing and developing organisations through a trauma-informed lens, is that it enables healthy organisational practices that build capacity for innovation and yield ever-increasing sustainability.

Multiple shifts in the organisational landscape, such as increased complexity and the inevitable digitisation of much of our work, also requires a concomitant humanisation of the organisation. Organisations must become places where we can perform together at our best, healthily and sustainably. This needs leaders capable of stewarding environments that enable us to strengthen our mental and emotional resources, and our solutions.

In this 2-day virtual journey, Vasintha Pather and Christo van Staden will guide organisational influencers toward shaping more generative organisations, through developing an understanding of how to cultivate environments in which trauma can be negotiated, and innovation kindled. We will explore the impact of trauma symptoms on healthy organisational life, and equip you with helpful knowledge and practical know-how for enabling future fitness.

Who should participate:
Organisational leaders & managers
Change and OD specialists