We believe in creating successful organisations, where you love to work.

Worldsview Academy is an organisation development firm providing:

  • Niche consultancy services to help you develop and execute strategy through your people
  • An organisation development toolkit for achieving rapid and consistent results, at scale
  • And A school for building internal organization development capability to deliver transformation in a sustainable way

Leadership and Teams

Is leadership walking the talk?

Build the right leadership and management in your organisation to ensure:

  • The effective execution of strategy
  • The effective implementation of structural changes to support strategy execution
  • Sustainable culture change

Worldsview Academy can assist in:

  • Cross-functional and cross-level management alignment.
  • Helping new managers to make the transition from technical expert to manager, and senior managers to step into a larger role.
  • Building a strong leadership pipeline by deepening leadership capability at every level.

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Are your teams contributing to achieving strategic goals? Do critical teams deliver to expectations?

  • Management teams
  • Critical cross-functional teams
  • Business Development teams
  • Project teams
  • Functional workgroups
  • Create and get new teams up to speed fast and reliably
  • Resolve team dynamics issues that affect team performance
  • Generate a sense of belonging and high levels of engagement
  • Improve the success rate of teams in your organisation.

Locally and internationally accredited.

Reliable outcomes, proven over a decade of use both locally and globally. Rapid implementation at scale.

“After going through the Purposeful Teams workshop the team members are working together and interacting with each other at a much higher level. Greater confidence and responsibility amongst individuals. We rise to challenges. This is the first team development intervention I have been involved with that have captured the essence of team work.”

British Multinational Corporation

Niche Consulting Services

We specialise in:

  • Business Strategy Workshops
  • Organisation Design and Review
  • Culture Work
  • Enneagram Coaching and Development
  • HR & OD Strategy Development


  • Talent Management
  • Exco Workshops
  • Customised Workshops
  • Change Management, and more

If you do not want to commit to long expensive consulting projects but you can do with a thinking partner to support you on your current projects, we have a pay-as-you-go consulting option with short sessions set up as you need them.

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We believe in partnering with you to resolve your immediate and strategic business challenges, while at the same time transferring our knowledge and skills, thereby increasing your capability and sustainability.


Specialised Business School

Build capacity for change and adaptation

Get the knowledge and tools to play a meaningful role in making the organization more successful

  • Enable internal business partners to more effectively partner with line to deliver high performance
  • Enable business partners and practitioners to shift from a transactional to a transformational role
  • Build change and facilitation competence

More Advantages:

  • Contribute to your BBBEE scorecard
  • Facilitate the career development of leaders and business partners

Higher Certificate in Organisation Development and Change NQF Level 5, accredited with the Council on Higher Education

Short courses:

  • Change Management
  • Personal and Team development
  • Strategy and Business Acumen
  • Communicational and Facilitation skills
  • Organisation Development

Advanced programmes:

  • Organisation Design
  • Effective Business Partnering

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Our Way

Our approach is built on academic and field research and extensive field practice.

  • Resolve real business issues
  • Engage, align and mobilise organisational stakeholders for effective performance
  • Build a productive culture with engaged people

We use powerful and proven Organisation Development principles to close the gap between strategy and execution, and between plan and action:
We help you to create more alignment between how you actually lead the organisation on a day-to-day basis, and how you set up the organisation’s structures to support and encourage the actions required to effectively execute strategy.
We help you to build strategic organisation development and transformation capability by equipping key stakeholders, from leadership to internal business partners (e.g. HR, OD, IT), with the knowledge and tools to lead and support the coherent development of a high-performance culture.

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